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Prostatitis - CPA - [CM]



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AR between 20 to 30 %
call center time for all geo
From Monday to Saturday
9 am to 7 pm  UTC time
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ML all the country
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In all African countries (Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, etc.) it is prohibited:

se of any real African representatives, including famous personalities, politicians, ministers, doctors, representatives of religion.  

- It is prohibited to use advertising and informational materials containing official symbols (coats of arms, mentions or names of official ministries and departments operating on the territory), as well as specific medical institutions, clinics, names and/or photographs of doctors.

Where exactly is it forbidden to use famous personalities:

- Banners;  

- Prelands leading to the product purchase site;

- Landing pages with an order form and a PP product;

- Comments;

- Video creatives or video reviews.

The partner program will monitor advertisements and bundles. Based on the monitoring data, the PP reserves the right to unilaterally impose a fine for violation of the rules of work from $ 500 one-time until the charges are completely reset throughout the country.  

The violation can be recorded as follows:  

- as a result of a conversation between the operator and the client (the client claims that the product is advertised by a prohibited person, 3 or more such cases will indicate a violation);  

- monitoring department finds banners or other advertising materials using prohibited content;

*the monitoring department can submit applications, take screenshots or collect any other evidence of violations of the rules.  

What is allowed:

- the use of fictional or non-existent personalities taken from stock photos or generated using AI;

- by agreement, it is possible to use celebrities with the USA, Europe, CIS or Asia.

Approve materials or take into account existing restrictions on materials:

⁃ Popular doctors, people in medical gowns

⁃ References to local authorities

⁃ Ministries

⁃ If they take a student, then according to the history of Preland, he had to come up with his product not at a local university, but somewhere abroad.

⁃ Popular personalities

⁃ Any mention that our product will completely relieve you of the disease.


M 30+ 

Traffic sources

Fb, native