Sell online — а lot, stable, with a huge margin

The platform for online sales of health and beauty products: nutritions, creams and, services.

You pay for the result only: commission per sale.

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Prices and volumes. Highlights

Place your product on platform and get the necessary amount of sales in any country of the world.


High sales volumes

If the commission size is for publishers are "in the market", you can count on several thousand sales a day. Every day.

All-round assistance

The account manager is your guide from sign up to the full scale. Your volumes are their bread.

Full stats, full control

Complete sales statistics and control of any variables. Choose strategies: highest volume or high margin.

Payment for results only

When you work with us, you pay only for the result: leads confirmed by you. Zero extra payments and prepayments.


Your price calculator request has been sent to the account department.

Within 24 hours our best account manager will contact you (or we will give you a $100 bonus).

Lead price calculator


Calculate the price of a confirmed lead based on GEO, monetization model and your product niche

How it works

7 steps on how to get sales in the affiliate marketing. Listen to the slides

7 step

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Deal and account meeting

Register on the platform and get a personal manager, which organize you the maximum volume of sales, which you can process.

We will help you to choose the products and terms of commission that will be the most attractive for publishers (?).

You already know on the first step what volume of sales you will receive, how to increase it and how much it cost.



Account manager already makes attractive offers from your products and initiates the creation of prelandings and landings.

We need to organize the transfer of leads from landings to your CRM using API and update lead statuses by postback technology.


Offer testing

Our mediabuying dept test your offer from various traffic sources and polishing promo materials to the best conversion rates.

Here we can check the quality of leads, call center scripts, clear the leads approval and CR rate, stability of the technical part.

As a result: we have to get a battle-tested offer, with clear conditions.


Offer release and promo

Next step: make sure that thousands of marketing specialists and teams are aware of your offer.

We doing global promotions for affiliate community and our support team negotiate individually with publishers to drive traffic flows to your offers.

The better the conditions of your offer, the more leads you will receive.


Scaling up the volume

The leads volume on your products depends on lots of variables: country, niche, affiliate commission, conversion and landing prices, your call-center awesomes.

Good news: your account manager is motivated by a single goal: to make you as many leads as possible every day and knows how to achieve this.


Payment rules

As mentioned above, you only pay for the result, the sales (leads confirmed by you) commission you set. Zero prepayments, zero additional payments.

As a rule, we provide a grace period of 7-14 days. It is very important to keep the punctuality in payment, on this depends the attractiveness of your offers.



Your manager is your guide from the first sale to the full scale. Any questions: integration, more volume, new product or GEO launch, delayed payment — he is available 24/7.

We earn on your volumes and understand that you need profitability to increase. We will do our best to make you earn a lot and grow.


What you need to start with


Choose your product

We work in 50 beauty and health categories. Some products can generate tens of thousands of orders daily, others — have excellent delivery rate and LTV. We'll help you make up your mind.


Choose the country

Focus in your own country or sell your product worldwide. Our publishers can launch traffic on your product in any GEO.


Select the sales model

There are 3 ways to sell your products. depending on the specifics of the country:

COD (cash on delivery): simple order form, easy conversion. Call center needed. The customer pays after delivery at the post office or by a courier.

Trial — we sell a subscription to your product. The customer needs a credit card to place an order. You get the money right away.

SS (straight sale) — the product is sold for the full price of various courses. Complex conversion, high commissions for publishers.


Run the numbers

The manager will help you calculate the entire business economy. Tune everything: approval rate, landing price, average check, traffic sources, age of customers, region by delivery rates and so on.


Organize delivery

Make sure your products arrive quickly and the money you get from the delivery is even faster. We can work with deferred payment, but no more than 14 days in COD model.


Sign up or Contact manager

Just register and delegate your sales account to the account manager and 25,000 army of publishers.

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Place your product on

and get the necessary amount of leads in any country of the world