About us Every year tens of millions of products are sold through dr.cash

Our platform connects manufacturers and digital marketers around the world. Our goal is to be a leader in the field of performance and affiliate marketing in human beauty and health industry.

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Our storyFounded in mid 2016.
Long live dr.cash

Dr.cash is an opportunity for thousands of guys to use the infinite resources of human brain creativity to earn in an evergreen vertical of beauty and health.

Our affiliate network is part of a story about monetizing the needs of 4,000,000,000 people, which will never end.


Our mission Be a tool, that makes the world a better place for yourself

We give you an opportunity to earn on the Internet using only hard work and creativity. Make money honestly and stably, doing shitload numbers with the proper approach.

The realisation of our plan gives the human beauty and health industry an effective marketing tool. Scalable online sales channel and with a fixed price for the result.


Our reputationReviews on dr.cash

More than 4 years of sterling work in the industry have allowed us to gather some pleasant feedback from our affiliates, advertisers and partners.

I have been working with Dr.Cash for almost two years now. Geos unique to the market always allow deliver traffic at a profit regularly. Operational support, flexibility in terms of payments, and fresh top-end solutions are always available. The combination of approval rate, conversion, and prices in Dr.Cash gives an advantage at the start in most GEOs.


We have been working steadily with the guys from dr.cash for a long time. We began with their offers in the CIS, now we are mainly with Asia - Indonesia and India. Support is on the top of the things, they do not offend with rates either:) everything is ok, keep working.


Bros from dr.cash always accommodate us in controversial situations. We love guaranteed approval rate, higher rates, etc. You can always come to an agreement with them.
We work with dr.cash in Turkey, Vietnam and a couple of more interesting geos. I can recommend them as honest and reliable guys.


My team has been working outside the CIS in rather large volumes for several years (of course its all relative). There have been different situations with affiliate networks, including not very pleasant ones. You can be sure that in controversial issue guys from the dr.cach will make every effort to resolve it in your favor.


In general, everything is cool. Recently, at our request, managers organized CPL offers in private for us. Which allowed scaling pretty good. Before the New Year, we took all sorts of gifts from the dr.cash market and met in person. It is clear the affiliate network is doing everything to leave only a positive impression of collaboration.

Lemax Team

Very good experience working with Dr. Cash. Fast, responsive, and with quality affiliates and traffic...

Indonesian Nutra producer: ME. 100k+ leads

Cool guys, they always quickly resolve any issue you ask them about. The integration with them is as convenient as possible everything runs smoothly...

It is very pleasant to work with such reliable partners who are always ready to give huge amounts of HQ traffic!...

European Nutra producer: ME, Diet. 100k+ leads

It was an amazing experience working with Anton and Dr Cash Team, working closely to initiate various marketing activities...

Indian Nutra producer: PE, ME. 1kk+ leads

The best affiliate network with which to work. Clear and responsive managers. Give all the necessary advice on how to set up an offer. Excellent traffic, the delivery buyout rate is what is perfect.

Russian Nutra producer: ME, Diet. 2kk+ leads

Dear partners

The list of the closest partners of the dr.cash team, without which it is impossible to imagine our success.


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